GMB and BALPA respond to management call for “volunteers” during cabin crew strike

In a letter sent on Monday British Airways management called on staff to “volunteer” to train as cabin crew in the event of strike action taking place.
Unite has condemned the move as trying to break a strike with “scab labour who have had minimum training”.
British Airways management have made confident noises that they can train up scabs in 21 days, the minimum time to certify cabin crew.
The other unions present at BA have released statements responding to managements call.

First up GMB National Officer Mick Rix with a clear message that aiding management in its battle with cabin crew is not in GMB members interest.

“For those who are unsure and may consider taking up the company offer, please discuss this matter first with your GMB rep. It is not in our collective interests to seek to undermine another union, or undertake another BA worker job.”

BALPA (representing pilots) have put out a much more ambivalent message. In his statement BALPA General Secretary Jim McAuslan acknowledged that some BA pilots had indeed signed up to act as scab labour if strike action takes place. While BALPA does not officially endorse the actions of “volunteers” neither do they call on their members to avoid undermining their college’s strike:

“For the avoidance of doubt, BALPA’s position on this is neutral and we will not dictate to our members”

One can only speculate what the position of BALPA might be if pilots could be trained and certified to fly in 21 days…


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  1. […] and a minority of pilots. Regular reader will be aware BALPA, the union representing pilots; have been equivocal over their own members at BA volunteering to scab on another union. This has given the impression BA pilots are behind management. However in recent days it has […]

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