Breaking News: Progress in cabin crew talks?

We understand from UNITE  that progress had been made in talks with British Airways management in their long running dispute with cabin crew. The remaining points of disagreement were the staff travel discount and the issue of 40 BASSA members currently on suspension by BA.

It was also reported that an unofficial lock out, where staff who had taken strike action had not been rostered on when they returned to work meant some workers had lost an incredible 19-20 days of pay for 7 days of strike action.

Further meetings between the leaderships of BASSA and UNITE are due to take place to discuss the way forward but if no progress is made on these outstanding issues then further strike action may be called at the end of the week.

If the staff discount and victimisations are all that stands in the way of a resolution to this dispute then once again BA management spin about wanting to save the company has been completely exposed.

As Air strike has explained here and here the staff discount actually benefits BA and is essential to staff who live abroad. Restoring it would cost the company very little in exchange for an end to a damaging strike. The same applies to the 40 suspended BASSA members. Both of these actions were taken by BA management purely as a vindictive response to cabin crew orgainising for strike action, so in fact both can be considered a form of victimisation. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of industrial relations will be aware that a union branch will invariably take victimisation of its members during an industrial dispute very seriously. If further strike action results from a refusal  to move on victimisation management can only have itself to blame.

The situation is changing rapidly at the moment. Stay tuned for further updates.

Update: It appears Willie Walsh has been seen entering UNITE HQ, presumably for face-to-face talks with Tony Woodley?


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